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Tomayia Colvin Education is an online community created to empower Black and photographers of color, the LGBTQ+ community, and other marginalized groups. A safe haven of inclusion and diversity.

Together, we can transform the photography industry into a safe and supportive place for everyone. Our educators and mentors teach courses on photography, lighting, marketing, business, and tech tutorials for photographers. All courses are taught by real professional photographers, who are excited to share their knowledge with you!

we offer 3 wAYS TO ENGAGE:

Centered in goals-driven education – because yes,you have a choice (and a voice).

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What if you felt confident in every shooting, lighting and sales situation? Our instructors are award-winning image creators and industry leaders – teaching you how take charge of your business.

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Ever wish you had amazing + supportive community to ask for help and honest feedback? Our FB Group will give you insight on important industry issues, quick + easy techniques and constructive critiques.

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How would you like to price your services + products competively + have more time for family while delivering amazing work to clients? Learn from photographers rocking 6-figures that how know to teach.


“Stop struggling with your photography business. Start lighting up the world from your unique angle.”

tomayia colvin  |  founder + educator


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The Cookout: New Orleans 2019

The Cook Out, our inaugural photography conference, will be held in New Orleans and will feature photography courses, photo walks, and food. During this 2 day event, you'll get learn about lighting, marketing, in-person sales, and so much more from top photographers in the industry. There will be an image competition, unlimited chocolate and gummy bears, and, of course, The Cook Out.

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