Legal and Contract Resources for Professional Photographers

Legal and Contract Resources for Professional Photographers


In the wonderful world of social media, unpaid invoices, canceled weddings, hurricane season, and chargebacks, it's imminent that we as professionals protect ourselves when it comes to our businesses.

Here's a list of contract resources to get you going. It's always advisable to meet with an attorney in your state to review your documents and determine the exact needs of your business.

Freebies - (Note: you may end up on 1,000 email lists when entering your info for a free download)

A Free Wedding Contract is available on the blog of SLR Lounge at-

Free Lawyer Drafted Sexual Harassment Language for your Contract from The Law Tog is available at-


Members of Professional Photographers of America(PPA) have access to a wealth of resources such as model releases, contracts, and independent agreements at Just log in with your member info and the resources will load for you. 

A Free Photography Contract PDF from Improve Photography


Paid Resources- (Worth Every Penny)

Ticora Davis, Esq.-The Creator's Lawyer

Elle Danielle Photography (Lawyer & Photographer) 

Kesha Lambert Photography (Lawyer & Photographer) 

Rachel Brenke- The Law Tog

Once you have your contract and model release, you can send them via your favorite client management software, DocuSign, Agree, Adobe EchoSign, Mach Forms, or CudaSign. 

Mobile Apps- Easy Model Release

It's also important to note that I would be leery of using someone else's contract, ones from Pinterest, and random sites on Google. This is one of those time where you need to invest and seek the professional advice of an attorney.

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