Five Times I Failed This Week as an Entrepreneur & Mom


Pinterest, Instagram stories, YouTube and Facebook, I believe, have collectively given us a false reality of what perfection looks like. Every day we see perfectly curated Instagram feeds, light and airy homes that are spotless, and relationships that make your heart flutter throughout our feeds. I've compared myself to all of them.  

I, for one, have never made the perfect Pinterest recipe where it looked like the pinned photo. To be honest, I've probably had more Pinterest fails that would imagine. If I clean a room, ten minutes later, my kids have destroyed it. And some days, I just don’t like people. Especially, if I’m low on caffeine.

However, I believe that failure is the key ingredient for growth. How else would I learn the perfect "pinch" of salt, sugar, or spices in my favorite recipes? Had I not burned a few things along the way I would never know the temperament of my oven and when my dishes are "just right".

This week, I'd like to share 5 ways I've failed this week to let you know you were not alone- if you are kid didn't want to shower, your grandma had the house at 84 degrees in the middle of summer and is currently talking smack as you type this blog post, you didn't cook dinner one time, or your daughter is being a typical teenager.

Here are my truths for this week:

1. I didn't take care of Tomayia this week the way I should have. I didn't create a plan for self-care and just pretty much winged it all week. I'm now tired and my body is worn out because I didn't.

2. I didn't ask for help. I'm a single mom and sometimes I think I'm superwoman and can do everything on my own. I strongly dislike asking for help. Instead of getting help with getting Grace to camp this week, I wore my body out going back and forth. Now, my legs are sore and I'm Tomayia the grouchy mommy.


3. I enjoyed chocolate a few too many times this week. I'm an emotional eater. When I got tired from going back and forth with Grace, playing catch with the AT&T technician to get wifi installed, and not having groceries delivered by Shipt earlier in the week- I resorted to not sticking to my meal plan. The good thing is I can restart again on Sunday. Instead of eating healthy snacks- I rekindled my love for chocolate and Dr.Pepper.

4. I didn't give myself enough grace and secretly wanted the approval of others to confirm the worth of our new home. I pushed too hard and thought I was Martha Stewart, an interior designer, and was having my own version of "Flip this House." I got consumed with the opinion of others and how my family would see our new house if it wasn't just perfect or an ad for Pottery Barn, Wayfair, or Home Goods. I didn’t focus enough on appreciating God’s blessing in our lives.

5. Work Life Balance went to shit this week. I didn't do any photography/client related tasks as I busy with #2 and #4. Tomorrow, I'm taking the time to refocus and get back down to business.

We all have some good weeks and sometimes we have weeks (ok, months) where we wonder what the hell happened. That was me this week. Maybe you’re feeling the same.  

Was your week less than perfect, too? Share in the comments and let's crush next week together. I'll hold your hand if you hold mine. 

Let’s restart again next week and plan on sharing what we accomplished!