It’s The Exclusive Backstage Pass You’ve Been Waiting For...  

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Struggling to figure out everything you need to know about running a well-oiled photography business?

Welcome to the premier online platform and membership site for photographers and videographers who want confidence in their skills, a work-life balance, and a steady income from their business.

(Pssst! It’s the technical stuff and the business stuff.)


“I love this platform! Tomayia, thank you so much for being the voice for creatives of color!”



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Has building a profitable photography business (that doesn’t completely monopolize your life) turned out to be way harder than you imagined? 

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Real talk: there are SO MANY photographers out there trying to make it work and the competition is fierce. Winning clients in a saturated market takes strategy, skill, and a whole lot of elbow grease to keep the momentum going.

And what about how quickly the photography industry advances with new software, techniques, and technology? The  minute you update to the latest version on Lightroom, another, newer version becomes available - I GET IT! It’s mind-blowingly exciting and yet, totally overwhelming. 

What If...

  • What if you knew exactly what to do to fill your schedule with clients you love? 

  • What if you had consistent money flowing in and financial insecurity became a thing of the past?

And how psyched would you be if you had access to the latest and greatest information, tutorials, and videos that walked you through everything from lighting and retouching to sales and marketing so you could improve your craft and up your game?



If you’re sick of wasting hours of your life watching video after video of sub-par photography tutorials on YouTube, wishing there was an easier way to figure things out, keep scrolling - I have something for you...



If you feel overwhelmed by how to manage your client workflows, not to mention all the other million marketing items a functioning business has to do, read on...





If you're tired of wondering how to create collections to sell, what products clients really buy, and how to set your prices (and not back down), keep scroll-scroll-scrollin’...




And if you’ve been dreaming about making great money doing what you love and calling the shots in your own business, all while still having time for friends and family and cupcakes… 

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Guess what? You can stop struggling, dreaming, and wishing things were better because I have a solution that works.

The reality is, it’s SO DAMN FRUSTRATING to feel like you’re spinning your wheels doing (and stressing over) a million different things to make your business work for your life and your life work for your business:

  • Watching 80,000 YouTube videos, hoping you’ll find answers to your questions

  • Wasting money on useless referral networks

  • Wasting time at ineffective networking events

  • Spending money on programs that didn’t help or weren’t what you needed

  • Not knowing how to set up systems to book clients, send contracts, and collect payment

  • Hustling to make ends meet because your business isn’t growing fast enough

  • Working in a job you don’t like to supplement your lagging photography income

  • Not knowing how to attract clients and jump-start your inbound leads

  • Worrying that you’re not covering your legal bases

  • Having zero free time because you’re working and editing too much

  • Feeling overwhelmed by the tech side of things and not knowing where to find help

  • Using old and outdated equipment because you can’t afford to buy anything new

  • Doubting your expertise and lacking confidence in your skills

  • Feeling stuck and stagnant

  • Taking care of everyone else first and putting yourself last

  • Putting off the things you REALLY want due to fear, guilt, anxiety, or doubt

The Struggle Is Real

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I’m Tomayia, and I’m all about doing what you love and loving what you do. That said, I know what it’s like to struggle with ALL of the stuff that comes with running your own photography business - trying to figure it out on my own was exhausting!

I’m hugely passionate about my own photography business, but helping fellow photographers stop struggling and start thriving fills me with purpose, passion, and JOY.

It’s heartbreaking to see people lose hope in themselves or their passion for photography because they’re struggling to figure things out, which is why I founded Tomayia Colvin Education.

You don’t have to do this alone. We are here for you.

Tomayia hustles like none other, and her tireless efforts to elevate the industry as a whole has inspired me beyond words.
— lucy b
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Tomayia Colvin Education (TCE)

Tomayia Colvin Education is an online platform for photographers who want to learn how to run a successful business where I (along with many other talented and knowledgeable instructors) encourage, support, and teach our members while celebrating diversity and inclusivity in photography.

If you’re excited to build or grow a fun, lucrative, totally functional photography business, read on to find out what I’ve got up my sleeve for you!

But first… I’m sure you already know that this is about WAY more than taking great photos, right?

A Sneak Peek At What Running A Photography Business Really Takes (and what you’ll find inside TCE)...

✓ Sales savvy

✓ Administrative and legal processes

✓ Managing client workflows

✓ Marketing, marketing, marketing

✓ Specialized training to find a niche in the market

✓ Covering your ASSets with legalities

You Need More Than Talent And Skills...

In my years in the industry, I can’t tell you how many amazing and talented photographers I’ve met who, despite their skills, have struggled to run a business. It’s totally tragic and just one of the reasons I like to help my fellow photographers. I’m all about empowering people to live well-rounded lives that are balanced, have longevity, and are FUN.

This platform has completely changed my life and my business. The courses cover EVERYTHING you need for your photography business.
— stephanie b

But here’s the catch; to live your best life, it’s important to be a well-rounded business owner and that involves having access to the information you need to achieve your goals.

Is photography your side-hustle? Whether you’re a hobbyist having fun or hoping to turn your passion into a full-time avocation, when you have access to the resources you need (that are all in one place) it’s easier to achieve your goals.

Are you a professional photographer or videographer looking for community, collaboration, and support as you build and grow your business? Finding the right people who can teach you the right things is KEY to building a sustainable business that supports you and nourishes your creative drive to stretch and grow.


Introducing The Backstage Pass!

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Want to belong to an amazing and super-engaged online platform that has everything you need to build, grow, and run a photography business that you can be proud of?

Behind the scenes in Tomayia Colvin Education’s The Backstage Pass Membership Community, you’ll find a close knit group of people that stand together under a flag of inclusivity and diversity as they learn and grow their businesses.

Tomayia Colvin Education has changed my life as a photographer. Members of TCE aren’t just able to access INVALUABLE information about their craft and the business of photography, they join a community of like-minded, amazing people who truly want to see them succeed.
— kevin l
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Here’s What You Get:

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24/7 access to a HUGE (like, really huge) library of educational videos and webinars that cover the technical and logistical aspects of running a photography business (with new material added weekly)

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An exclusive Facebook group for members only where you can ask questions, make connections, learn from your peers, and feel supported

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Expert Q & A sessions that answer and discuss your most burning questions

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Guided discussions and conversations around pertinent topics regarding all aspects of running a photography business

I’m a brand new member of Tomayia Colvin Education but I could not be more impressed. It’s a resource built on kindness, inclusion, transparency, and an overall sense of humor. The videos are thorough and laid back, the instructors are clearly being themselves - they are a wonderful community of people that are pushing boundaries and challenging photographers to do better.
— jackie s
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And, Included In Our Educational Library, You’ll Find Help With... 

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▶ The basics of launching a photo business

▶ Branding your business

▶ Pricing and packaging

▶ Content creation and strategy

▶ Social media strategy

▶ Creating your website

▶ Blogging 101

▶ How to get published

▶ Email marketing and helpful templates

▶ Running Facebook ads


Our Community: Where the Magic Happens

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In addition to our educational library, enjoy the benefits of our members-only Facebook group. This is where much of the magic happens as members share their wins and struggles and tips n’ tricks, while also offering up support and expertise.

You’ll have access to industry experts like me, Latoya Dixon Smith, Kanayo Adibe, Jen Siomacco, and more in our webinars and during our monthly live Q&A where we deep dive into our members’ questions.

And don’t forget the legal stuff! We have courses on how to cover your ASSets that are led by licensed attorneys - you’ll have a bulletproof contract in place STAT.


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Tomayia Colvin

Founder of Tomayia Colvin Education and nationally published High School Senior Portrait Photographer. Tomayia is a creator of diverse, inclusive communities, an educator for fellow photographers, and advocate of living life to the fullest.

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latoya dixon smith

Latoya is a Co-Founder of the Queens Community Builder and Systems Expert. She helps photographers workflows go from non-existent to automation. 

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Kanayo Adibe

Kanayo is a master wedding storyteller and shares his walk through his street photography.  Through photos, he tells stories from various compositions and lighting scenarios.

Jen Siomacco

Jen is the Founder and Editor of Catalyst Magazine and community. She has a wealth of experience in digital learning and community building. She’s a master website and content creator and auditor.

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Chip Dizard

Chip is an experienced wedding videographer and teacher whose energy is contagious. He has over 10 years in education and videography experience combined. 

Derrell Ho-shing

Derrell loves Off Camera Flash. He has YouTube following of over 15,000 and shares content and tutorials, tech reviews, and photographs clients.

The educators Tomayia brings us are all amazing and so helpful, and the topics they cover are precisely that with which I most needed help.
— Nina B

It’s The Solution You’ve Been Seeking

Or maybe you didn’t even know you needed all of this goodness until reading through all of this, but the bottom line is: If you’re a photographer or videographer looking for answers, support, and community as you grow your business, The Backstage Pass is the solution you’ve been seeking.

Ready to Grow?


Join Now

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With close to 100 videos and tutorials that cover your biz from a 365° view, you’re getting literally EVERYTHING I could possibly dream up (and then some) to make it WAY easier for you to hone in on your skills, cover your butt in business, and have a personal network of amazing people who have your back!

Worried about the price?

I know it’s a tad trite, but can I just break $24 real quick?

That’s 5 froo-froo coffee drinks, 1 dinner out on the town, the price of 2 books, ⅛ of a pair of designer jeans, a manicure, 2 adult beverages, 2 large pizzas, or a nice house plant.

On the flip side, if you book just 1 extra client a month or raise your prices due to what you’re learning in the membership site, IT’S TOTALLY WORTH IT and more than makes up your cost.

Keep in mind too, that as your technique improves, you can and should increase your prices!

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Twenty-four dollars to buy the key to your future?

I’m thinking that this is a YES for you. If you can get all of your photography ducks in a row and start to find and attract clients you love… I think it’s a HELL YES.

Since joining the Tomayia Colvin Education platform, I’ve learned to be more confident and comfortable in my craft and to price my work accordingly. I’ve also found my target market and am learning how to get them in the door!
— Tanya S


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Absolutely amazing content!! This platform is so needed, so much information, so real, and so very informative. I anxiously await each webinar, and after each one, I’m left with so much information and a FIRE to go out and strive for success! Thank you Tomayia for this gift!
— Bethany E

It’s The Solution You’ve Been Seeking

Or maybe you didn’t even know you needed all of this goodness until reading through all of this, but the bottom line is: If you’re a photographer or videographer looking for answers, support, and community as you grow your business, The Backstage Pass is the solution you’ve been seeking.

Ready to Grow?


It’s Time To Flatten Those Roadblocks

Being human comes with a whole lotta perks, but it also comes with its downsides…


FEAR of failure and change




These are the four horsemen that will try to hold your “YES” hostage, but you’re a grown-ass photographer and today, YOU get to choose. Not your fear, not your anxiety, and not the voice in your head that’s telling you you’ll fail.


Today, I invite you to invest in yourself, in your future, and in your “YES” by giving yourself the gift of these tools that I’m offering. How could you say no to something that could literally be the catalyst to a brighter, more exciting future and a better, happier YOU?

Still not sure? You can rest easy knowing that you can cancel at any time.

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Can I have immediate access to the online education library once I join, or is there a waiting period?

You can start right away!

Is the content dripped out, or do I have full access to all of it at once?

Once you join, you have access to everything.

If I miss a live course, will it be recorded so I can watch later?


What’s your guarantee?

Due to the flexible and affordable nature of the membership platform, there is no money-back guarantee, but you can cancel at any time for the following month.

What if I have a question that I need answered right away - who can help?

That’s what the Facebook community is for! Our community is full of knowledgeable people who are there to support each other and lend a hand.

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Last Call

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And here we are, at the end of our time together, but at a crossroads to a new beginning for you. I wholeheartedly support whatever choice you make, but strongly urge you to take a minute and breathe in for 5, get yourself centered, and ask yourself, what do you really want.

If you want more freedom, confidence, skill, versatility, and more of that happiness that comes from following your dreams and seeing it actually work...

I’m 100% confident that there’s something for everyone inside The Backstage Pass and hope you’re ready to give yourself the gift of saying yes to YOU.

Invest in your future, your happiness, and your craft and watch your investment turn into so much more than what you could possibly imagine.